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Christmas Poinsettias:

Christmas poinsettias are sub-tropical plants, native to Mexico.  Since Christmas poinsettias are not tolerant of the cold, they are grown almost exclusively indoors. They are raised in greenhouses, to be sold as potted plants for the holidays.

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License #C27B-620092

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Owner R. J. (Bob) Milkovich

R.J. worked for a number of large landscape and general contractors as well as a stint as a facilities engineer and process chemist for a local high tech company. R.J. got his C-27 Landscape License in 1993 and B-1 General Building License in 2004.

R.J. has participated in the construction of all aspects of exterior projects hardscape and landscape, with an emphasis on natural stone and brick work, interlocking pavers, quality irrigation design and installation & repairs, with design build available for all size projects.

With the B General License interior remodeling projects can also be added to the list. With emphasis on quality tile work, custom out buildings, bathroom remodel & repairs, and other assorted projects throughout the house.


Telephone    1-408-655-0333

fax               1-408-739-6303

Snail Mail       RJ Milkovich Landscaping

                        410 N. Fernwood Circle

                    Sunnyvale, CA 94085


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