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Christmas Poinsettias:

Christmas poinsettias are sub-tropical plants, native to Mexico.  Since Christmas poinsettias are not tolerant of the cold, they are grown almost exclusively indoors. They are raised in greenhouses, to be sold as potted plants for the holidays.

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License #C27B-620092

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Great Looking, High Quality, Easy to Update!

These are the goals our design team set and achieved for this 'Generation7' web template. Our newest series of templates, the Generation7 web template includes original high quality art work, professional licensed images, and the latest coding technologies (CSS 2.01 XHTML) to help with search engine placement. This template can be used for a variety of businesses, organizations, or hobby sites.


  • Quick Start Web Site: build your web site quickly, and easily
  • Original High Quality Art Work: all graphics designed in house
  • Professional Images: royalty free licensed images included
  • Flash Animated Header: great for advertising, theme, or branding
    • easily edit the text messages without needing Flash
    • easily replace the images without needing Flash
    • easily remove components (time, date, themed image, taglines) without needing Flash
    • Multiple Page Layouts: create as many new pages as you need
      • compact layout (minimum width 800x600)
      • fullscreen layout (min width 800x600, max width fullscreen)
      • flash animated layout (compact width includes flash header)
    • CSS-based Layout: clean standards compliant code
    • Include / Library Pages: used for logo, icons, text links, menu's, copyright, themed image for easy one time editing.
    • 9 Pre-Designed Pages: just modify the text on these pages to suit your needs
    • Source Files Included: Flash .fla and graphic .PNG (for Macromedia Fireworks)
    • CSS 2.01 validated XHTML Strict validated


  •   ACCESS to ONLINE Setup Guide and VIDEO Tutorials

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