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Christmas Poinsettias:

Christmas poinsettias are sub-tropical plants, native to Mexico.  Since Christmas poinsettias are not tolerant of the cold, they are grown almost exclusively indoors. They are raised in greenhouses, to be sold as potted plants for the holidays.

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Landscape ecology (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Landscape ecology is the science of studying and improving the relationship between spatial pattern and ecological processes on a multitude of landscape scales and organizational levels.

As a highly interdisciplinary enterprise, landscape ecology integrates biophysical and analytical approaches with humanistic and holistic perspectives across natural and social sciences. Landscapes are spatially heterogeneous geographic areas characterized by diverse interacting patches or ecosystems, ranging from relatively natural terrestrial and aquatic systems such as forests, grasslands and lakes to human-dominated environments including agricultural and urban settings.

he most salient characteristics of landscape ecology are its emphasis on the relationship among pattern, process and scale and its focus on broad-scale ecological and environmental issues. These necessitate the coupling between biophysical and socioeconomic sciences. Key research topics in landscape ecology include ecological flows in landscape mosaics, land use and land cover change, scaling, relating landscape pattern analysis with ecological processes, and landscape conservation and sustainability (Wu & Hobbs 2002).

Brick and Stone Patio Design & Construction

Brick and stone patios can add elegance to your landscaping and give it more panache than possible with other patio materials. The look can be formal or cottage, but evokes a sense of timeless sophistication.

It's a do-it-yourself project for many, but hiring a landscaper to install it instead can save you time and backaches. To get the best effect, it's important to do the appropriate planning and preparation. The design aspect can be easily handled by laying out a garden hose in various configurations for walkways and patios.

There is an endless variety of design possibilities for layout of the stone and brick itself. Brick can be installed in the popular basketweave pattern, which is flexible and turns corners well. Or you can choose a herringbone pattern. More challenging brick patterns include a sunburst layout with brick radiating from a center point. Brick can be combined with river stone or used in a border around a concrete patio. Home and garden design magazines are a great source of ideas.

A professional landscaper can help you choose materials most appropriate for your region and yard. They'll be able to suggest complementary materials for contrast which establishes a theme that works with your home's architecture and the context of your neighborhood. They also know what materials work best in your climate and can suggest solutions to avoid damage that can occur in more extreme climates. They will plan for drainage and do all the heavy lifting from excavation to laying the brick and stone according to your design specifications.

Sprinkler Systems

Water Saving Tips & Ideas for Irrigation Systems

Have your irrigation system audited. Some water providers will conduct an irrigation audit for you either free or at minimal cost. Check with your water provider. If not, your local water provider can likely provide a list of irrigation auditors in your area.

Adjust your irrigation controller (timer) run time for seasonal changes in weather once a month. Simply making a monthly change to the irrigation operation times can save more water and money than any other thing you can do. It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time each month. Most controllers even have a % key that makes changing the time quick and reasonably painless. Put a reminder on your calendar so you are reminded each month. Even greater savings come with weekly time adjustments, but monthly will provide the most return in water savings for your time invested.


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